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Eight women raped, left hanging naked, degraded and dehumanised. Terror strikes the tiny, Pennine town of Scarbeck. And now, hypnosis researcher Felix Croft is drawn into the web of insanity created by the serial killer, Dominus. In a world where nothing is as it seems, not even the written word, Croft searches frantically for his missing partner, bringing him into stark confrontation with the police and drawing him to a final, life or death battle with the evil genius that is Dominus.

Edited and revised, originally published by Crooked Cat Books as The Handshaker

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The Power

Dominus has escaped and sets out on another murderous rampage, his ultimate target, Felix Croft. But before he can face his nemesis, Croft has a puzzle to solve; a secret code embedded in the handwritten memoir of The Great Zepelli. With Millie Matthews at his side, Croft works his way through Zepelli’s account of his war years and his criminal efforts alongside with Franz Walter’s acolyte, in search of the secret of The Power.

And meanwhile, the trail of callous rape and cold-blooded murder continues.

Edited and revised: originally published by Crooked CatBooks as The Deep Secret 

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An explosion. A 28-hour coma. And when he awakens, college tutor Christopher Deacon finds his life plagued by strange phantoms, drawing him inexorably to their Northumberland lair where they have waited for over half a century to take their rightful place… in control of the world.

Edited and revised, originally published by Crooked Cat Books as Voices 

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