The Power & The Pain

I’ve been very ill these last few days. It’s mostly self-inflicted. I smoke too much, which aggravates my breathing problems, and although I’m diabetic, I don’t keep a close enough eye on my diet.

While lolling around the settee in a pale imitation of Camille, I had time to think. Truth be told, that’s all I could do. I’ve never felt so manky. And while I was contemplating the ills of the world and the Web, I thought how curious it is that a simple comment can change your whole attitude.

In last week’s post I mentioned a title, The Deep Secret, first published by Crooked Cat in 2013, and how I’d decided to drop it. I didn’t give a reason, and Steph Patterson, who with her husband Laurence, runs Crooked Cat, asked why I’d abandoned it.

The Deep Secret came about as a result of a challenge. Could I write a novel in a week? Well, yes, I could. I turned out 60,000 words in seven days (now you might see why I don’t do nanowrimo). From there, I developed the tale and the result was The Deep Secret.

Steph had considerable input on the project. Born and raised in Heidelberg (please forgive me if I got that wrong, Steph) she helped with the setting and she was responsible for the German phrases I used. A necessary expedient since my German is worse than my French and Spanish, and they’re limited to ordering tea and toast.

The truth is I never felt The Deep Secret was up to the mark, but in deference to Steph’s query, I dug out the original manuscript and read it again. It was a revelation, and a testament to Crooked Cat’s vision. It is actually, quite good (that’s a personal opinion, and since I’m my biggest critic, it probably says something about the work). It needed some attention, so I’ve spent the last week working my way through it, trimming words here and there, cutting out unnecessary speech tags, and I deleted an entire section which was completely irrelevant, and probably part of the original ‘novel in a week’ challenge.

The result is The Power, which is now live and available on Amazon (check out my books page).

My thanks go to Steph for this. Without her simple query, it would never have happened.

In republishing this tale, it presents me with another problem. I now have two titles with Felix Croft and Millie Matthews chasing the bad guys.

There are now three books on sale, and you can catch up with them on the my books page.

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That’s all for now. I’m going to take another dollop of jollop, then go back to the settee and carry on pretending I’m Camille.